Created in 1967 on an initiative from the Paris Ecole des Mines, ARMINES is a non-profit association constituted under the French Act of 1901. With more than 60 Laboratories throughout France, ARMINES - the foremost contracting research association in France. ARMINES conducts research on materials in Centre des Matériaux located within the site of the SNECMA Every plant. The research activities of this centre include numerical modelling activities, development of codes, software and data banks for the industry. Those are complemented by the common facility equipment for the characterisation of microstructure down to the atomic scale and microanalysis of volume and surfaces.

Role and Objectives

Armines/ENSMP is responsible for the metallurgic investigation of the manufactured samples. They are going to perform tests to investigate if surface and subsurface defects are generated due to the hard turning and polishing operations.


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