B.V. Gereedschapswerktuigenindustrie Hembrug

The Hembrug Company originally started in 1679 as the Dutch ordnance works “Artillerie Inrichtingen” and was made independent in 1973. Hembrug has specialised itself in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-precision turning machines. Over the last 25 years Hembrug has built up a unique expertise in the integration of hydrostatic slides and spindels, machine frame structures of natural granite and CNC systems with refined resolutions of 0.01 µm.

Role and Objectives

Hembrug as machine tool manufacturer is taking care about the integration of all developed devices into the turning machine. This takes into account the polishing device, the optical tool measurement system as well as white layer detection systems


B.V. Gereedschapswerktuigenindustrie Hembrug
H.Figeeweg 1a+b
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