Mössner Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH / Hamoedia

Hamoedia is a manufacturer of cutting tools from natural (monocrystalline) diamonds. Since 1964 Hamoedia is manufacturing these in its well-equipped facilities in Pforzheim, Germany. Along the last twenty years, Hamoedia diversified its range of products and started producing polycrystalline cutting tools from diamonds and CBN grains as well as diamond cutting tools by means of CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) processes. Right from the start, the company concentrated on manufacturing customised and process-specific tools.

Role and Objectives

Hamoedia is responsible for tool development within easiTAP. The goal is to develop tools and tool systems which are able to generate better surface qualities in hard turning.


Mößner GmbH Diamantwerkzeugfabrik
Kelterstr. 82
75179 Pforzheim